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We strive to achieve that our customers feel at home in Hungary

We Help you with

  • Finding accommodation
  • Work opportunities
  • Recreation, Leisure, Sport activities
  • Organizing Exciting Programs
  • Discount Shopping Cards
  • Sightseeing 

If you choose us, you can be sure that everything will be handled professionally, we won’t let you down!


Everyone can find their dream home from our modern, practical and refined collection of apartments. From every district of Budapest or even in the agglomeration!

Work opportunities

We have excellent connections with almost all of the prime workplaces in the country, so you can lay back and relax, if our team is on the job, you’ll be in the best hands!


From our wide selection of programs everybody can find one fitting to their expectations. With many different areas: culture, recreation, sport and so on, we are trying to give everybody quite a few options.

Discount Cards

We will provide most famous discount cards for shopping. Many of the shopping mall in Budapest are giving amazing discounts.

Get Best Deals from us !

Guest Student Company was founded in 2014 with the aim to help foreign students coming to Hungary in their day-to-day life. We wanted to help customers fit in more easily as well as handle administrative chores more effectively.

Today, there are more than 30.000 foreign students living in Hungary and their number increases every year, clearly requiring much more attention than the current level. With this in our minds we put together a variety of services, most of them coming from our own experience but also using the suggestions of our previous customers.

We can provide useful assistance in several areas of life.  However, if you have something specific to ask, don’t hesitate, contact us! We’re sure that we can solve your issue!

We are available during the week between 13:00-18:00 in our main office. 

Our website is based on very secure and professional HTML coding which will bring complete safety on your payment. 

Please check out our website regularly for any new sales and coupons we provide for you. 

Worldwide Booking

Easily book you ideal accommodation through our webshop.

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We assure you the best quality that we provide.

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Prices are all professionally calculated. You get the best deals with us.

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